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Students will be offered a 10 GB email account, as well as 25 GB of additional online file storage, allowing them to create an online portfolio of their work that will stay with students from kindergarten to Grade 12.

Thanks to a partnership with software giant Microsoft, the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows school district will be the first in the province to offer students their own free Air Max 2016 Black On Black

"You don't need a brand new computer to run the latest software," said Richard Eskandar, the district's IT manager. "Any computer capable of accessing the internet can run this.

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Once a student reaches high school, the network restrictions are removed, allowing the student's email account to function just like any other email service, such as Gmail or Hotmail.

In fact, a computer may not even be necessary, as a smartphone will also be able to access the applications.

The network is closed for elementary students, meaning that only teachers, administration and classmates can communicate via a 2016 Air Max Blue

student's email.

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

Vandergugten said the service will also save the district money by not having to rely on its own servers to host district staff email accounts, and by saving on licensing costs for Microsoft office software.

"Our policy is that access is key," said Eskandar.

The district has already received six free computers, which will be distributed to students hoping to take part in the program, but unable to afford a computer of their own.

It also means that very basic, inexpensive computers can be used to access the service.

While a number of universities already use similar systems, School District Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men No. 42 is the first public school district in the province to offer the service to students. Microsoft has given the district a $10,000 rebate on the service for being the first to implement such a program.

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

When students in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows return to school next week, they will have a new resource to help them navigate the high tech world that awaits them.

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

"This will breathe new life into old hardware."

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

"Five thousand dollars to get this sort of service is very low," said Vandergugten. "They are hoping we will be the flagship for the rest of the province."

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As a result, the service is costing the district just $5,000.

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"Our kids are already out there in cyberspace, but those systems are not vetted, and they aren't controlled," said David Vandergugten, the district's advanced technology director. While teachers and school administration won't have open access to a student's account, should an issue arise, the district's IT department can access the student's files.

Students' accounts will also be equipped with anti virus and anti spam software, as well as anti bullying software, which blocks messages with abusive text.

The district has also entered into an agreement with Toshiba computers that will net the district one free computer for every 10 bought by the district, or by parents of students taking part in the Grade 8 one to one laptop program.

can use the same versions of this software, no matter what computer they are on."

´╗┐District goes online to help students

Secondly, because the applications are web based, they are accessible by any computer with Internet access, allowing students without computers to work on assignments at a library, or on a classmate's computer.

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

email and online file sharing accounts.

"Not everyone can afford $150 for the Microsoft office suite," said Vandergugten. "With this program everyone Nike Air Max Motion Lightweight

Nike Air Max Sneakers For Men

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