Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Hi, I am a bit confused about how the leader board works versus my activity on WebAnswers and the Leaderboard. I have over 400 questions answered and 32 accepts this month and I do not appear anywhere on the leaderboard. I have been the top expert on the Games and Hobbies leaderboard and I have been second place on the Entertainment and Music leaderboard. However, even though I have 7 accepts.

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Reason: Thank you for the award.

members questions? do you answer questions.

leaderboard Air Max 2016 Summit White

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

I look at the leaderboard just to see who are the most active users. Sometime, I will click on the user icons on the leaderboard to see if they have asked any new questions in the categories in which I work.

I believe a Quality Score leaderboard would improve the overall quality of the site. Then, I would answer yes to your question that Nike Air Max 2016 Price List it meant a great deal to me to be on the leaderboard. It would spark much more competition among our users and it would provide us with valuable information.

´╗┐Does getting onto the leaderboard mean anything to you personally

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

For the first time since i joined, my name is shown on the inner leaderboard leave alone the one on the home page. This is after i got some few awards. My Activity Why is there a difference?

My photo was just on the leaderboard, then suddenly i not even listed on the leaderboard. How is this possible? if i was one of the top contributors today, how could i suddenly not. This means nothing to me. It is the quality of the posts that is of importance and the quality is the catalyst for earning potential, not quanity.

What would be interesting and maybe even exciting to me would be for us to have a leaderboard that ranks the users in order of Quality Score. Such a leaderboard would serve as a catalyst to improve quality by avoiding common errors and not correcting them.

Do people wandering into webanswers tend to pick on leaderboard folks, or Does the leaderboard have no impact on earnings, vi. How much Does being on the leaderboard affect overall view, earnings, and questions answered?.

What do you do with the leaderboard here? Do you even look at it? do you answer Air Max 2017 Green

Moving to a ?leaderboard? Nike Air Max 2014 Flyknit M

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

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I see some members on the ?leaderboard?. how do they qualify and what is the difference or.

Awards are the ones which make a person appear on the inner leaderboard?

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

Nike Air Max 2016 Price List

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