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An interesting thought from, Ripples, observed created by David St. Lawrence.

"You might be interested in handling some Nigerian emails which I will be happy to forward to you."

Air Max 2017 Ladies

Air Max 2017 Ladies

Air Max 2017 Ladies

Couldn't one as easily say that the lesson for bloggers is this: If you get sued by a Air Max 2017 Mens

Who has won here? Did JLK succeed in silencing Coble; or did she self choose silence? For that matter, I've wondered about the choice to remain silent once talks between lawyers began: so much for being able to speak freely and defending that right!

If you sincerely believe that JL Kirk has had a change of heart, you are very trusting soul. You might be interested in handling some Nigerian emails which I will be happy to forward to you. Kirk Associates truly did fold. However, I'm worried for my fellow blogger, and hope that St. Lawrence's (and my) concerns are wrong.

JL Kirk is still denying the charges made by Coble, so I'm not buying the idea that the private discussion is anything other than a way to keep the pressure on the Cobles without having the blogosphere listening in.

Air Max 2017 Ladies

Air Max 2017 Ladies

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the rest of eternity rather than go to court to defend the right to free speech?

"I have not decided if I am interested in talking, but I don't mind the idea of putting this behind me and moving on, and will not write on this topic again."

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Air Max 2017 Ladies

JL Kirk has still not gotten the message. Instead of actually addressing the issues raised by Katherine Coble, they are now shifting to the time honored tactic of "discussing the matter privately" with the Cobles.

´╗┐Don't Hold Private Discussions

Air Max 2017 Ladies

target of criticism, 1) announce the lawsuit publicly, 2) find a lawyer to discuss things with their lawyers in private, and 3) agree to mutual public silence on the matter for Nike Air Max Womens

Air Max 2017 Ladies

This quoted comment, from the post, reminded me of a point I'd wanted to make earlier in this controversy:

Yes, that's exactly it. The Blogospheric Internet centric myopia was perhaps inspired by the all too common Nigerian scams. A Nigerian scammer will get your money, but you won't have any way of suing for lack of service or a broken contract. With JLK, Air Max 2017 Ladies on the other hand, if you pay the cash, you'll be able to sue later for a breech of contract or lies made during the sale. JLK wouldn't just fade into the Nigerian masses, that is. But the knee jerk reaction seemed to be: Hey, this sounds like them there Nigerian emails I always Nike Air Max Grey Wolf

I sincerely hope that Katherine and her husband are accompanied by a Media Bloggers Association attorney during any discussion with JL Kirk. If not in person, at least on a conference call.

Related: Patterico's Pontifications, QandO, and The Homeless Guy have also joined the discussion, even though I did not note them at the time.


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