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LOL, dead cat bounce. That was good JP.

Most of the nation however still has a very long way to go. There is TRILLIONS of dollars of commercial loans resetting between now and 2016.

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´╗┐do you think there might be a double dip after the elec

Yeah, technically we are still in recession, so what we are experiencing right now is the "dead cat bounce". Basically we still Nike Air Max Womens White Gray

to wait till after the elections to at least begin seeing prices roll over. Unless the bottom drops from the dollar and inflation takes off, i cant see much more than 10 15% drop in the volatile states.

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I do believe unemployment is worse than published, and there will be "corrections" in the numbers after the election. Double dip recessions occur 1 2 quarters apart. It has been close to 3 years.

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manipulation (foreclosure moratoriums,etc) we are seeing prices fluctuate kind of frequently , at least that is how it Air Max 2016 Cool Grey seems in the SoCal market. It all depends on how many REOs are in the market during whatever particular month you are looking to buy. It definitely not a normal market.

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I guess rents will fall as houses get sold.

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I do agree that looking at the national picture will scare you into doing nothing but digging a hole and grabbing your gun. Nationally, it was scary in 1975, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1987, 1992, 1998, 2001, and 2008. Yet, in all those scary years people were making money with investments. Sure, people were losing money as well. Which one makes the news, the poor people losing money.

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We looking at 10% interest for 5 years. Thinner margin. If we lucky. We should reach our goal in 2 weeks and then off to see the wizard of oz. Oops I mean the neighborhood HM lender. Anyways, looks like we might have to wait for a deal, or go to our plan B area. The banks have REOs in possession here that are not yet hitting the market. I think they are purposely going slow on it.

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But I do believe there is sufficient inventory of REO that one little hiccup in the news reports will send everyone running, and that we can easily create a double dip. It will depend on news reports about Europe, North Korea, etc.

have another down leg to go. if you remember the Big banks stopped all foreclosure proceedings in the last 6 9 months. So inventory shrank in the last few months. Bank of America alone is getting ready to put 4000 homes in the market here in florida.

I bet they won print too much money till after the election. Then I bet we are looking at higher inflation.

In the northeast, there seems to be a large shift in activity beginning the first half of March. Buyers seem to have moved off the sidelines and are making offers.

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On the residential side there is a still a ton of shadow inventory REO not yet listed and also pre foreclosures that have to go through. I not sure if the election will really change much. I have been wondering about shadow inventory as well. But as Joel mentioned all real estate is local.

If you focus on your local market you may be able to find profit opportunities with a degree of comfort. I wish you well.

either way, the time to buy is now. owner financing with less than 5% interest on fixed 30 years is the way to go. Interest rates will move up. Its only a matter of time.

to be honest, i dont think we will have Air Max 2016 White On Feet

Anne, my parents live in NH and it seems things are better there than on the west coast right now. But here as there, there are multiple bids on houses I wondering if people who usually invest in stocks are instead looking at RE. The again, northern California inventory is down.

Everything seems so volatile to me variances on shadow inventory estimates, stock market up down, lenders backtracking on loans, possible bulk sales by the gov job growth vs sustainable job/wage levels etc etc. What do you all think? I think a double dip in RE prices is a possibility unless the gov bulk RE sales go through en mass. I suspect the packages may not be offered at such a great deal though.

I feel that with the large number of REOs and government Nike Air Max 2016 Black Yellow

It seems that it would be smart to look into those areas with a lot of shadow inventory/high default rates .

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